GetJoyfull is a movement that aims to reconnect families with the food they put on their table.

I grew up in a community where you never really called ahead before you visited someone. You just packed up a little basket of goodies, pulled on your boots and showed up on their doorstep ready for a few laughs and a good “yarn” or two. This last leg of our most recent GetJoyfull trip to Newfoundland is all about just that. A truth that food is more than just fuel — food is community. Food is making an extra casserole to take over to a neighbor, it’s going out of your way to do a good deed – just because. Food does so much more for us than just fill our bellies, in my family it’s the vessel for sharing everything that is good.

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GetJoyfull is a growing movement that aims to reconnect families with the food they’re putting on their tables. It’s seems like a simple philosophy, but it’s a concept I struggled with when I moved to a larger city, began a new career and started a family.