GetJoyfull is a movement that aims to reconnect families with the food they put on their table.

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Hungry, Happy Families Cookbook

Over the years, our GetJoyfull family has made countless memories in our kitchen creating and sharing recipes with our friends at Alberta Chicken Producers. Through all the fun and mess, we’ve definitely collected a few stand-out recipes that deserve to be shared and enjoyed over and over again.

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Easy Peas-y Cookbook

“Easy Peas-y” is a cookbook for kids of all ages that celebrates Alberta-grown beans, peas, lentils and chickpeas. It’s filled with yummy, GetJoyfull recipes that help kids find adventure in the kitchen, plan ahead for healthy eating, and add personality to the plate.

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As a dietitian, people often tell me about feeling sluggish and lacking energy in the afternoon, especially around 3pm. One of the possible reasons for this is not ‘fueling’ enough, or in a way that meets their unique needs.