Garden-Inspired Dinner Party

We’re hosting a small dinner party this weekend with my cousin Mike, and his adorable little family. Mike, and I grew up together on the East coast, and enjoyed a very unplugged childhood.

Snacks to Beat the Mid-Day Slump

It’s just after 3pm, and to avoid the dreaded mid-day slump I’m fuelling up with one of my go-to afternoon snacks. Simple, whole-food focused snacks that offer plenty of colour, crunch, and yumminess.

Bolt Energy Bars

Inspired by sports nutrition, and FC Edmonton’s ever energetic mascot, “Blue Bolt,” I’m super-charged to share my recipe for “Bolt Energy Bars” on the eve of the inaugural home opener!

Sunny Sheet Pan Supper

The outdoor soccer season officially kicked-off my for Cela, and Remi this week, making our weeknights a little more wonderful, and a little more wacky.