Snacks to Beat the Mid-Day Slump

It’s just after 3pm, and to avoid the dreaded mid-day slump I’m fuelling up with one of my go-to afternoon snacks. Simple, whole-food focused foods, that offer plenty of colour, crunch, and yumminess. I honestly could not imagine a day without snacking. I’d be one grumpy girl, lol!

On Sunday’s, I try to think ahead, check what I have on-hand, and prepare a few nourishing snacks for the upcoming week. It’s a “system” that takes less than an hour, and works wonders for my weekday sanity, food joy, and energy level. It’s a win, win, win.

How do you make snack-time work for you?

If you’re looking for ideas, here are my top 10 snacks to beat the mid-day slump.

  1. Edamame pods, sprinkled with “Everything and More Seasoning,” and sliced pear.
  2. Hard-cooked eggs, grapes, and spicy-roasted almonds.
  3. Black bean, tomato, and corn salsa with baked pita chips.
  4. Apple halves topped with almond butter, cinnamon, and hemp hearts.
  5. Banana-lentil, or orange-carrot muffin with steamed milk.
  6. Homemade “Bolt Energy Bar” with Greek yogurt.
  7. Roasted sea salt & pepper chickpeas, with Gouda cubes, and dried apricot.
  8. “Tuna stacks.” Whole-grain crackers topped with a mix of tuna, avocado, grape tomatoes, and lime juice.
  9. Oven-baked “egg cups” loaded with leftover chopped cooked broccoli, and aged cheddar.
  10. Fruit & veggie shake made with frozen pineapple, banana and fresh spinach.

I’d love to know your ideas as well. Please share in comments!



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