R.O.L.L with it! 

Hey there, fellow parents! I’m Emily Mardell, a registered dietitian, and a proud mom of three. Welcome to the GetJoyfull blog. A community of foodies who share a love for family, farming and food joy.

Cherry Clafoutis

It’s Cherry Time!

There’s extra Rainier cherries in this week’s Steve & Dan’s CSA, which means there’s a chance the kids won’t eat them all before I get a chance to make one of my favourite Summertime cherry desserts, clafoutis! 

Veggie Pitas

Energizing Road-Trip Eats

Family road trips are always an adventure. Often even before leaving the driveway, lol. Packing essentials and loading the vehicle alone can sometimes feel like an all-out endurance challenge.

Coaching Kids Through Picky Eating

Supporting kids through picky eating is a lot like teaching them how to play a sport. Whether on the court or in the kitchen, parents are challenged to take on the role of coach, cheerleader and chef to help kids achieve success! If you’re new to the picky eating phase or smack in the middle … Read more

Energizing Motherhood with Pulses!

As a dietitian and busy mom, I know firsthand how important it is to “eat for energy!” Without proper nutrition and consistency with eating, I quickly start to fall behind. Can you relate?

Mother's Day - Self-care Salad

Chicken and Wheat Berry Chopped Salad

It’s self-care Sunday! Self-care can show up in all kinds of ways. A sunny walk, a visit with a friend, an energizing workout, a nourishing meal, an hour with a great book, or maybe just five minutes of quiet time. This ‘Chicken & Wheat Berry Chopped Salad” is everything I love in an entree salad … Read more

Sunday Dinner: Veggie Patch Beef Bolognese

Sunday Dinner: Veggie-Patch Beef Bolognese

Sunday evening is our favourite time for family dinner. Sunday’s are usually busy with household chores and family activities. But for most of the day we’re home, often watching football and getting ready for the week.