GetJoyfull Gingerbread

For me the holiday season officially starts when the aroma of warm gingerbread fills the house, and calls everyone to the kitchen. The first batch always disappears in minutes, but the second batch usually lasts long enough for a little extra decorating love. “Sprinkle all-the-way” is Cela’s baking mantra, and she lives by it, joyfully.

Our “GetJoyfull Gingerbread” is soft, chewy, and absolutely delicious. Edible proof that happiness is homemade! This festive recipe shows how easy it is to add nutrition to treasured recipes without sacrificing flavour, or tradition.

Stackable Joy
Stackable Joy

Wheat berries and whole grain flour
Wheat berries and whole-grain wheat flour

Whole-grain wheat flour gives these cookies a boost of fibre, zinc, and b-vitamins. Almond meal, and vegetable oil add healthy fats to the mix. And, chia seeds, and molasses give a surprising boost of iron.

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Make an extra batch or two. Wrap in parchment, and tie with a festive ribbon. It’s the perfect GetJoyfull hostess gift.

Thanks to our friends at Life’s Simple Ingredient for supporting GetJoyfull, and for helping to make this recipe, and post possible.




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