Rancher for a Day

On our first GetJoyfull Adventure, my daughter Cela and I head out to the Alberta Bison Ranch in Mayerthrope to learn more about what goes into caring for these majestic beasts.

Passionate ranchers like Neil Hochstein are the reason why these beautiful animals have been brought back from such dwindling numbers, and now the local bison industry seems to be thriving.

Alberta Bison Ranch is a natural self-sustaining ranch operation, situated on 2500 acres of wide open grasslands in North Central Alberta. Their animals graze and roam on the expansive ranchlands from birth to finish, in a pure and natural way.

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2 thoughts on “Rancher for a Day”

  1. It was such a treat to have this young family visiting my ranch. It boost my pride to the top to know that a family cares what im doing it and that they appreciate all that i do! Thank you to you people who care!

  2. We had the best day, Neil. It was a remarkable learning experience for Cela Joy and myself. Now, we appreciate all the more the care, expertise, time and ethics that go into ranching. Thank you, and we’ll be back!


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