Mama Joy Monday [Official Launch]

Today marks the official launch our new weekly feature, “Mama Joy Monday.” With less than six weeks to go before baby Mardell #3 arrives, I’m endeavouring to soak in, and share as much Mama-to-Mama support, love, and positivity as possible. Who’s with me?

For me, this includes finding everyday joy in “Parmesan & Pepper Popcorn,” bubble baths, and daily inspiration from the amazing women in my circle who make me seriously proud to be among them, and yes, Strong as a Mother!

What fills you with joy?

This journey we call motherhood is indescribable in it’s uniquenesses, challenges, and joys. But, it is for sure, a journey made all the better by Mama’s uplifting other Mama’s. In this spirit, every Monday GetJoyfull social pages will share inspiring parenting stories, simple self-care tips, and, of course, yummy nourishing recipes.

We sure hope you follow along, and share your motherhood wisdom, too!



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